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Title: American Colony: Meet the Hutterites - Claudia Asks for a Car
American Colony: Meet the Hutterites: Rockin' Road Trip : TUE JUN 12 at 10p et/pt : To get to a wedding in Canada, Claudia asks the colony money boss if they can borrow a colony car.


Author:  Steve Pulfrey
Title:  I am surprised to ...
Comment:  I am surprised to here them cuss.

Author:  Eva Potter
Title:  Bring. Back. That. ...
Comment:  Bring. Back. That. Show. Please

Author:  MrKalintv
Title:  I am from Bulgaria ...
Comment:  I am from Bulgaria and watch them!

Author:  mjr102395
Title:  A few years back i ...
Comment:  A few years back i was in Alberta and friends of mine would go and have sex with these hutterites and they would pay you.. 

Author:  Thesortvokter
Title:  Compared to the ...
Comment:  Compared to the asmish, hutterites are actually quite sensible, apart from the shunning annd stuff like that. I think the family(s) portrayed in this series perhaps obfuscates some of the more destructive, strict practices of the church because they are actually quite sensible, normal and likeable people. Like the mother. Would she disown her children over the church, like the average amish would? Don't think so. Haven't seen it all, but that's the impression she gives off, anyway. The nuclear family is important, which most amish couldn't give a fuck about if the church shunned someone. And the amish mafia show? Who the fuck do these amish think they are? Closer to "God". A bunch of hypocrites, crooks, extortionist and violent offenders. Fucking scum of the earth, and they think the christian "God" has a special place for them? Well, perhaps he does, he has proven throughout the Bible that if he in fact exists, he most assuredly IS evil.

Author:  Thesortvokter
Title:  Claudium?..... ...
Comment:  Claudium?..... Claudium..... ... CLAUDIUMEN MIN DA!! CLAUDIUM!!......... ... Claudiumen....

Author:  MrLiam1025
Title:  All the girls are ...
Comment:  All the girls are ugly as hell, except Claudia. She must be a CIA plant.lmao

Author:  R MacK
Title:  What I was trying ...
Comment:  What I was trying to tell you is that you would only get that type of information off of a outhouse wall. Some of the statements that have been made about Hutterites are truly outlandish and must have come from someone's truly fertile imagination.If any of this true I would say that it only pertains to a miniscule number of Hutterites.

Author:  Martha Long
Title:  @Y10Q yes you're ...
Comment:  @Y10Q yes you're right. put a blond wig on her and you have a round version of Paris.

Author:  Sarah Palma
Title:  Okay, so first ...
Comment:  Okay, so first things first...I might live in the south NOW, but I lived in Montana for a majority of my life...with my step dad....who is an ex-hutterite, so yes...I know what I'm talking about. I lived 20 minutes from plenty of colonies and I know a lot of them personally. It makes no difference in my life if you think they're inbred. I know the ones I knew weren't. I could care less if you make fun of people from the South, you wouldn't be a yankee if you didn't. It's human nature.

Author:  Sarah Palma
Title:  It makes me so ...
Comment:  It makes me so angry to see everyone with all year horrible comments towards the Hutterites. My step dad is an ex Hutterite and I will have to say this colony is a bit different from his was. But all in all they are wonderful people with good values. And are most certainly not inbred. Come on, it's not West Virginia people! Get your states right. I consider these people my family and will forever take up for one of them.

Author:  Martha Long
Title:  @LaFondaBHH it ...
Comment:  @LaFondaBHH it becomes our business when they air these episodes. They chose to be on this show and they're getting paid to be our business.

Author:  Tyler Hofer
Title:  fuck you man, im ...
Comment:  fuck you man, im hutterite and proud

Author:  Betterberry
Title:  i lol'd
Comment:  i lol'd

Author:  Ralph M
Title:  It's scary to think ...
Comment:  It's scary to think these freaks have a right to vote. Can't imagine living in such a backwards environment.

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American Colony: Meet the Hutterites - Claudia Asks for a Car